Now live: my first-ever online course for developers!

*Drum roll* I’m incredibly excited to announce that my online course, “How to supercharge your development workflow”, just went live on Udemy!

Why an online course?

I started developing software when I was 13. It started with webshops and websites (built from the ground up, without any frameworks), which gave me a good basic knowledge of backend web languages like PHP and databases like MySQL. Over time, things got more serious when I built online portals, Hybrid mobile apps and a full-blown Partner Management Tool at the startup I was working for.

The more time I spent programming, the more I became aware that most time doesn’t go into building new features, but many things around it. Think about application maintenance, automated tests, debugging, code review, etc. – learning a shiny new programming language or framework sounds exciting, but adds technical debt as well. In the end, you’ll be maintaining multiple stacks and maybe even multiple infrastructures.

Guess what? Many of those things they won’t teach you in (online) courses for programming languages, or even Computer Science (CS) degrees! That’s why I decided to create an online course for exactly these skills. The good thing: they’re not bound to any specific programming language, so no matter what programming language you already know, these skills always come in handy!


Goal of the course

My primary goal when creating the course was to provide especially beginning developers with the skills mentioned above. After having followed the course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Write more bug-free code
  2. Debug your code faster and more efficiently
  3. Operate better in a team of developers

I’m a firm believer in learning by doing, meaning that in the course, after finishing each lecture, you’ll get to work yourself. That way, you can immediately apply the things you just learned in practice. So no simple multiple-choice questions, but a deep-dive that motivates you to understand the topic well enough to apply it in your daily work.

Let’s get started!

If you want to learn more about the course or get started yourself, make sure to head over to the Udemy page. Let’s supercharge your development workflow! 🚀

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