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Afrojack, Wulf and Glennis Grace at Eurovision 2021: goosebumps and learnings

Afrojack and Glennis Grace at Eurovision 2021

Last night was the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. I’m incredibly proud of the way The Netherlands produced the show. But can we just talk for a minute about the Intervalact that Afrojack, Wulf and Glennis Grace did? Because, wow!

Everything about this performance was top-notch. The artists, the dancers, the graphics. It already got me goosebumps in the first minute.

But there was something else that triggered me. On a deeper level. You know, I’m a very ambitious person. Aiming for the moon and stuff. For a world-class performance, every single aspect of it needs to be of that high standard. One broken or missing piece in the chain and it all falls apart.

If a top athlete breaks an arm during their finals, they’ll lose. If the director of a company doesn’t understand their target audience, the company will go bankrupt due to them being irrelevant. If a singer gets COVID just a few days before the Grand Final, they’re out (feeling so sorry for you, Duncan ❤). Every action matters. A misstep (or external factor) can be fatal.

That’s exactly what makes it so inspiring to see people perform at the top of their potential. They have so much to lose, yet they go for it and give it their all. While the whole world is watching! But, let’s be real here:

  • The dancers
  • The musicians
  • The way that tram hit the stop and lightened up the whole Erasmusbrug
  • The high notes that Glennis Grace is able to produce (DAMN!! I literally jumped off my chair)
  • The way they got the Erasmusbrug projected in the venue
  • The fireworks

… it all came together beautifully here.

Let this be an inspiration to us all. If you haven’t watched it yet, then be ready to be blown away and press that play button below:

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